Top 6 haunted hotels in India

Top 6 haunted hotels in India

Almost everyone has a memory of themselves reading a story about some of the most terrifying locations with paranormal activities. Some individuals appear bold, while others act stupid, yet the truth remains as haunting as it can be. Also, blame it on the surroundings; hotels have always played a key role in such tales. They have proven to be among the most popular locations for horror stories, whether in Bollywood or Hollywood. The creepiest stories from India’s haunted hotels are often inspired by disturbing stories and occurrences.

The following are some of the properties where a stay is a must for no-believers. These hotels have been known to terrify even the toughest of individuals with mysterious sightings and weird early morning cries, as well as creaky stairs and scary corridors. According to the stories, untimely deaths at these properties have resulted in guests encountering strange happenings for years.

Trident Hotel Mumbai

The Trident Hotel’s lift will send you straight to the 14th level, skipping the 13th. It may seem strange, yet these have been confirmed to be real. As a result of this, many visitors avoid the 13th level entirely, as there have been several reports of people hearing strange sounds and experiencing unexplainable things.

The number 13 is typically associated with misfortune, so come to the hotel if you want to experience something out of the ordinary! This location is bordered by some of Mumbai’s greatest eccentric destinations and entertains online hotel booking activities as well.

Taj Palace Mumbai

The history of the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel is fascinating. The British once refused Jamshedji Tata permission to visit the Watson Hotel, disgusted by the prejudice, he commissioned W.A. Chambers to design a hotel. When Chambers returned from his vacation to England, he discovered that the hotel had been built in the opposite direction of his architectural intentions. The dejected architect took his own life by jumping from the hotel’s fifth floor. Chambers’ spirit has been reported to be wandering around the Old Wing ever since.

Hotel Raj Kiran Lonavala

From Mumbai, Hotel Raj Kiran is about a 2-hour drive away. Despite its small size, this hotel in the charming town of Lonavala has been certified as a haunted hotel in India by several paranormal specialists. On the ground floor, a chamber in the corner behind the reception is said to be haunted.

Guests have complained about their bedsheets being ripped off while they were sleeping. Others have seen bursts of blue light at their feet. As a result of the growing number of reports of such events, the hotel decided to discontinue renting out specific rooms.

Brij Raj Bhavan Kota

The 178-year-old Hotel Brij Raj Bhavan in Kota was formerly home to a Rajasthani royal family. Major Burton, a British officer who resided here with his family for 13 years before being assassinated by Indian sepoys during the rebellion of 1857. His spirit is said to haunt this hotel.

According to sighting accounts from this location, the ghost of Major Burton has been seen wandering around the hotel hallways. Furthermore, guards who fall asleep while on night duty have been claimed to be slapped by the spirit! Even the queen of Kota is said to have told the media about her encounter with the ghost in this hotel.

Morgan Tourist Home Kalimpong

The Morgan House Tourist Lodge in Kalimpong is based in one lovely old British house that serves as a major tourist attraction in the hill town. The hotel was constructed in the 1930s and was once owned by George Morgan and his family, an Englishman.

The family is thought to have resided here before Lady Morgan’s tragic death, according to locals, whose spirit now haunts the area. If the reports are correct, the lady’s spirit wanders the corridors of this institution. Many visitors have heard screams of someone strolling through the hotel’s wooden hallways in high heels.

Hotel Fern Hill Ooty

The Hotel Fern Hill in Ooty is a heritage hotel with exquisite traditional British architecture. But there’s one more thing about this property that has made it renowned. The hotel’s hauntings were brought to light during the filming of the Bollywood horror film Raaz.

The movie‚Äôs choreographer Saroj Khan and her team were sleeping in this hotel when they heard furniture being changed on the level above them in the middle of the night. She dialled the receptionist’s number right away, but no one answered. The receptionist disclosed the next morning, much to everyone’s surprise, that the hotel has no first floor at all. Due to allegations of paranormal activity, the hotel was shuttered for a while.

These are some of the exclusive haunted properties situated in different parts of the country. Only brave hearts are recommended to book their stay and experience the spooky delights it has to offer.

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