Hotels Recommendation For Business Meeting in Singapore

Meetings are often associated with negative things for workers. Because meeting means spending several hours in the same room, it is associated with feeling bored, sleepy, and sometimes ineffective in presenting new ideas. However, if the meeting is held outside the office, such as in a cafe or even at a hotel like the Rochester Hotels, it will certainly feel very different, yes!

Sometimes, you do have to hold a meeting outside the office. Indeed, you have to spend more money but the benefits for you and the meeting participants are also quite a lot. Here are some of them!

Benefits of Conducting Meetings at the Hotel

  1. Keeping the company’s secret safe

If your position in the company is an employee, then your main concentration is on how to complete the job properly and on time. But there are many broader aspects of a company that not everyone knows about. Well, sensitive things like this need to be kept confidential. And specifically, for this reason, conducting meetings outside the office can be considered ‘safer’ than inside an office environment.

  • A variety of food menus are available

It is rare for a hotel that does not provide a restaurant in it. Because most hotels provide restaurants, therefore you don’t have to worry anymore about consumption because you can order it directly with the hotel restaurant and can directly coordinate it with the meeting room you rent. In-office buildings, the canteen generally only operates during office hours and not all of them provide catering food menus.

  • Can be rented on weekends

As we know, the hotel is always open 24 hours. Therefore, for meetings, seminars or training activities, you can rely on the rooms in the hotel because they generally operate all day. In-office buildings, generally, meeting rooms are only opened during office hours because they have to go through building permits and various other regulations.

  • Away from stress

In contrast to when you have a meeting in an office environment, what comes to mind is ‘what should be done after this?’ or ‘Ouch, even though the current work is not done yet!’

But when a company meeting is held at a hotel, especially if it’s located outside the city or abroad, it seems that no matter how heavy the topic discussed will be, it will feel light. After all, you will have extra time to relax and enjoy the new atmosphere.

  • More parking

The hotel must have provided a large parking lot. Therefore, for those of you who bring your own vehicle, you don’t have to worry about parking your vehicle while holding a meeting at the hotel. Meanwhile, if it is in an office building, it is not impossible that parking will only be limited to employees and building staff.

  • Bringing creative ideas

Changes in the atmosphere of the meeting room will also affect the mood of the participants. Many creative ideas and new perspectives are present just because you move the meeting place from the office to outside the office. Because meeting members feel more relaxed, more comfortable, and also happier, so creative ideas can emerge.

So, still hesitant to hold a meeting outside the office? Currently, there are lots of meeting packages offered by hotels in Singapore at pocket-friendly prices.

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