Top 5 Creepiest Places in The US

Top 5 Creepiest Places in The US

There are many different types of campervan trips. There are adventure journeys, trips to see specific sites and destinations, and then there are those trips that center around a certain theme. For those looking to takes trips to places that will get their pulses thumping with some scary local eccentricities, there are many different places across the country that cater to this specific need. These are places that are purported to be haunted, where specific creepy incidents have occurred, and even more bizarre spots where hundreds of like minded travelers visit with their RV rentals each year. So if this sounds like your kind of trip, then load up your rig and head on out to one of these top creepy US destinations.

Cahawba, Alabama

This was Alabama’s first capital city, so why have you never heard of it? Well, by the 20th century this once thriving town had transformed into a ghost town when nearly all of its population fled due to declining industry. Today it is completely abandoned, a creepy deserted town full of buildings and houses in disrepair and dozens of reported hauntings and other creepy activity. One such tale is Pegue’s Ghost which is reported to haunt the maze garden behind the abandoned home of Colonel C.C. Pegue. This is a town that has to be seen to be believed, so check it out if you’re into the creepy stuff. There are many tours on offer that will give you the chance to walk the many sights of reported hauntings, and just experiencing the deserted ambiance of this deserted town will make the hair stand up on the back of your neck. This is what makes this Alabama town one of the scariest places in the US, with lots of travlers pulling up in their RV rentals regularly.

Kenai Cemetary, Alaska

There are many cemeteries that are purported to be haunted, but this one really stands out. There are two ghosts who reside here that have been seen multiple times by both residents and visitors, with the volume of reported sightings going far beyond any other cemetery in the country. The two ghosts, a woman named Marie and an old man named Johnson, have become something of local celebrities, with Johnson reportedly tending to the graves in the cemetery. This one is an absolute must for anyone on a creepy US tour.

Vulture Mine, Arizona

Located in the creepy sounding town of Vulture, Arizona, the Vulture Mine was in operation in 1863 and soon became a thriving operation. But it was also known as a hanging spot, and indeed a 200 year old tree was used in the town to hand almost 20 men before the mine was used up and abandoned. Today you can tour the town and see the place where the hangings happened. You can also experience some of the purported hauntings, including the ghosts of the hanging victims and some former residents as well.

Crescent Hotel, Arkansas

This hotel, built in 1886, is known to be the home of multiple ghosts. Many individuals have reported seeing ghosts in the rooms and hallways. For example, there is one ghost that looks like a nurse, another whose hands come out of a mirror, and another that screams in the night. When you take a tour of this hotel, be ready to jump in fright. There are reported to be sightings even during the tours, with visitors catching glimpses of the many ghosts that haunt the hotel. Even if you’re not so lucky on your tout, you will still get the chance to hear the stories and feel the other worldy ambiance of this attraction. It may be located all the way down in Arkansas, but the Crescent Hotel is always worth the journey for travelers looking for chills and thrills.

Winchester Mystery House, California

Sarah Winchester of San Jose had inherited a great fortune from her deceased husband, and set about building a mansion. This wasn’t just any building project, however, and this widower was definitely of the unique variety. Said to be a medium for spirits, she built the mansion specifically to house her spirit friends. This led to an eccentric design that includes many staircases that lead to nowhere, windows that open up into other rooms, and other oddities. And then of course there are the spirits themselves that are reported to still walk the halls of this eccentric piece of architecture. This is truly one of the most creepy experiences you will ever experience, so make sure to stop by this one on your tour of chilling places.

No tour of creepy US places would be complete without these creepy destinations, so load up your RV rentals and take the road on a spooky journey soon.

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