Explore the Unique Features of Cleartrip

Explore the Unique Features of Cleartrip

Cleartrip is one of the best online trip planning sites in the UAE. The platform offers a wide variety of unique features that allows you to book your exclusive trips at affordable prices. If you use the Cleartrip promo code to explore the unique features at Cleartrip. Several features distinguish Cleartrip from other online booking sites. Planning your trip with Cleartrip is easy and simple and with just a few clicks you can book your trip with a lot of ease and comfort. Here are some of the best features offered at Cleartrip.

Instant and Fast Search

Cleartrip is one of the leading trips planning websites that offers you to get instant and fast search results. The platform gives you instant access to the flight and hotel options within a few seconds. You can compare the flights and hotels and can find the hotel and flights of your choice within a few seconds. The search results appear on the website quickly and your precious time is saved if you book your flight with Cleartrip. Make sure to use the Cleartrip promo code when you are booking a trip with Cleartrip.

Price Lock Features

Cleartrip offers a price lock feature that helps you to plan your trip according to your budget. If you are planning to travel on a budget then you can use the Cleartrip promo code to use the price lock features. If you find a price that is suitable according to your budget then you can use the price lock feature. This will help you to lock the price and you don’t have to pay any extra fees once you have used the feature. You will be paying the same amount that you locked and don’t have to pay any hidden fees.

Flight Amendments

If your plan changes at any time then you can use the Cleartrip flight amendment feature. You can change your flight at any time and can make amendments according to your plan. The flight amendment feature lets you change your flight without messing up your budget. If you use the Cleartrip promo code then you can change your flights at affordable prices. If you ever have any changes in the plan then you can change your itinerary at any time. You can also get a lot of big discounts by using the codes and discounts to amend and change your flights without any hassle.

Activities Feature

The activities feature allows the users to find information about the activities that are offered in their destination country. You can find all the details about which exciting things you can do in your destination country. The user can find all the information about the local activities that are held in the country they are headed to. This helps you to make your trip more fun and exciting and you get to know about your destination country even before reaching there. It is best to use the Cleartrip promo code to avail of big offers and deals at Cleartrip.

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